• Highlight your product with Foil Block Prints

    Highlight your product with Foil Block Prints

    17th May 2016

    Foil block printing is perfect for adding a glamorous touch to your prints. It is a lovely way to get an enhancement on the print which when it catches the light adds a rainbow prism effect to your print. It truly enhances the quality of your print, be it a brochure, marketing materials, catalogues or… Read more

  • BIG banners with XL Print!

    BIG banners with XL Print!

    16th May 2016

    It’s that time of year where our XL team are excited for the big prints that summer is about to throw at them! With markets, exhibitions, outdoor events and fun family events, it’s the perfect time to go big! Our roll fed Mimaki machine allows us to impress you on the scale of our prints…. Read more

  • DRIP OFF, the economical choice.

    DRIP OFF, the economical choice.

    13th May 2016

    Economical choices as a printer is a vital part of our everyday choices. We are always looking for ways to become more ‘green’ and as part of that, we’ve found a luxury alternative to Spot UV finishes. Whilst Spot UV is a great option for shiny finishes and unique touches in specific points of a… Read more

  • Mailer carton box printing

    Mailer carton box printing

    18th April 2016

    Sometimes, being able to set yourself out from the crowd, can win you customers. And, whilst your competitors are using beige envelopes, you could be selling yourself with mailers. With your design, logo, information and all the details you need to give yourself that edge on the market! Good service starts with the marketing materials,… Read more

  • Whats the difference between lamination and encapsulation?

    Whats the difference between lamination and encapsulation?

    7th April 2016

    Lamination and encapsulation are two very similar processes that essentially do similar jobs but have different purposes. Lamination: Lamaniating your print is using a thin sheet of clear plastic on either one or both sides of your print. It helps protect from handling damage and prevents any smudging, most prints are dry ink but it keeps… Read more

  • Foamex your next fundraiser

    Foamex your next fundraiser

    2nd April 2016

    Foamex is an interesting material to use for your printing needs. Foamex is the brand name of PVC foam sheets that is extra secure and sturdy and is known for its lightweight, semi-rigid, polyurethane foam core. Foamex isn’t foamy at all apart from its core, its not a soft sponge like material but a high-quality… Read more

  • Dibond your big prints!

    Dibond your big prints!

    30th March 2016

    Now Spring has sprung, it’s time to think big for outdoor displays or get your resources ready for your next show you have in your calendar that is calling for new signage and promotion!  Choose Dibond, it is a light but very rigid aluminium material that has a polyethene core and has a thickness of… Read more

  • Mothers Day & Easter Gift Voucher Printing

    Mothers Day & Easter Gift Voucher Printing

    19th February 2016

    With Mother’s Day and Easter fast approaching and the stores crammed full of ideas, we’ve got a better idea for you! Here at Kingfisher we love working with Go Ape to create a range of prints. One of the most fun prints we make is their gift vouchers that start from £5 and can even… Read more

  • Spot UV Printing Finishes!

    Spot UV Printing Finishes!

    15th February 2016

    At Kingfisher we like to create pieces that have that added touch of sophisticated enhancement. We do various styles of printing and can create any shape or size requirement, we can also finish your product with coatings to create shines and texture to the print. Spot UV is a process in which UV light cures a… Read more

  • The beauty of the Jetrix Print

    The beauty of the Jetrix Print

    13th February 2016

    The Jetrix printer is a big deal at Kingfisher XL, its what makes the XL in printing! It creates our large format prints on pretty much any material. The Jetrix can print on almost anything as long as its less than 100mm thick and relatively flat. It prints wallpaper, floor tiles, banners, posters and boards. It… Read more