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Presentation & Pitch

Do you wonder how your design will look on your carton?

Do you have several designs to pitch to your client?

Check out our carton design service. We offer a full carton engineering service with digital print samples to ensure you get it right before investing in a longer print run.

With in-house die-cutting and forme making equipment we can help you put together the perfect prototype for you to demonstrate your design concept at sales pitches and presentations.

Finding out the best closing style, size or specialist internal inlay or fitment trays is easier when you have a tangible board sample. Our CAD design studio can offer all this to ensure your client gets exactly what they are expecting and more.

We’ve helped to design a range of boxes and cartons including Vehicle shaped boxes, Boxes for bespoke products such as candles, books, glasses and gifts.


Want to see how you design will look?

Being able to see your design made up as a carton can be invaluable. Full colour testing makes sampling a product or a design easy.

You can print on to a specific material, or try different materials and designs to see which will work best. You can also see how your product will look complete with the packaging style.

  • Do you need a cellophane window?
  • How will it look?
  • How big does the window need to be?
  • How will the product look through the window in the box?
  • How will the artwork design work on the box?

All these types of questions can be answered with a prototype or sample box being printed and made up. Read our blog here on how we helped a health and beauty company with their new design packaging.


How effective would your packaging be if you could personalise it? Make a unique offering to an individual audience?

The Jetpress 720s will print whatever you want where you want it.  It makes projects like Reward Packs, Welcome Packs and Gift Packs easy. Just ensure your data is correct and the Jetpress will do the rest. To find out more about the Jetpress and its personal print skills click here.

Our Jetpress 720s can print on materials and stock up to 450 microns making it ideal for short run box and carton packaging. It can take up to B2 size paper allowing us to print a wide variety of cartons, boxes, pillow packs, wraps and sleeves and much more!

To find out more contact us now on 01284 748210. We have over 30 years experience and knowledge in print with exceptional client service. If you have a project you need help with then please get in touch.

Samples of some of our previously printed carton and boxes are available. Please email us if you would like us to post examples to you.