Foamex your next fundraiser

2nd April 2016 by Kingfisher Press

foamex fundraiser board printing suffolk kingfisher pressFoamex is an interesting material to use for your printing needs. Foamex is the brand name of PVC foam sheets that is extra secure and sturdy and is known for its lightweight, semi-rigid, polyurethane foam core.

Foamex isn’t foamy at all apart from its core, its not a soft sponge like material but a high-quality boarding that can be cut and used for indoor and outdoor displays.

What to use Foamex for?

Foamex is great for any environment you put it in, it can be used in any colour and used in any shape needed. It can be drilled to walls, displays and hung in a frame for all signage needs. Due to the PVC foam, its low water absorption, so it won’t rot or swell over time, it’s not waterproof but can be used for outdoor events especially for fayres, exhibitions or signage on dry days.

You can use Foamex for shop signs, retail signage, menu boards, pavement signs, exhibition graphics and signs, directional signage especially for visitor attractions and for big signage.

Here at Kingfisher Press we recommend using Foamex for charity fundraisers and fundraising cheques. The semi-rigid quality, high-quality print and strong resistance make it the perfect fundraiser option, perfect for those photo opportunities and to present a fun and well-worthy cheque or certificate.