What is Synaps?

Synaps is a durable, reliable and productive polyester material. It has the look and feel of luxury paper but is synthetic so ideal for indoor and outdoor projects.

It’s resistant to tearing, water and chemicals without the need for lamination. Of course you can have it laminated or die-cut if your design requires it.

It’s a fabulous material for a wide range of printed projects that require more than standard paper can give. It comes in a selection of options to suit the chosen printing process and in weights from 135gsm up to 450gsm.

Although a synthetic paper, Synaps is made from polyester and is PVC free which means it doesn’t contain any chlorine or phthalates, which are toxic ingredients found in some PVCs.synaps - printer suffolk - chateez - kingfisher press - synaps printer

Click here to read on our blog on how we produced a range of emoticon cards printed on Synaps.

We’ve used Synaps for a variety of projects including flash cards and posters. Check out the list below of what it can be used for:

  • Menu Cards
  • Product Labels
  • Maps
  • Tab Sheets
  • Place Cards
  • Safety Instruction Cards
  • POS Wobblers
  • Outdoor Guides
  • Promotional Posters

We are sure there are lots more uses for this durable and versatile material. If you would like a sample please contact us now.