Mailer carton box printing

18th April 2016 by Kingfisher Press

Sometimes, being able to set yourself out from the crowd, can win you customers. And, whilst your competitors are using beige envelopes, you could be selling yourself with mailers. With your design, logo, information and all the details you need to give yourself that edge on the market!
wallet printing sample mailers Good service starts with the marketing materials, and here at Kingfisher Press, you can send brochures, flyers, sample materials, products or whatever your service requires in these mailer boxes which allow easy inclusion of product but also fit through the letter box.

By fitting through the clients letterbox, you’re making choosing your company, an easy choice! You can see how effective it is, with these Multiyork mailers.

We can also create carton boxes for your products be it for games, clothing, household items – the list is endless.

To find out how we can make your mailer ideas or carton box prints come to life contact us now!