Spot UV Printing Finishes!

15th February 2016 by Kingfisher Press

At Kingfisher we like to create pieces that have that added touch of sophisticated enhancement. We do various styles of printing and can create any shape or size requirement, we can also finish your product with coatings to create shines and texture to the print.

Spot UV is a process in which UV light cures a varnish to create a shiny seal which enhances a section of your print, which is completely up to you and your design. It is often can be found on colour printed paper objects to seal in the colour but can be used on white cardstock too. The glossy section can look effective on either the whole page, or as we do here at Kingfisher Press, you can just apply it to the specific areas therefore using the ‘Spot’ UV.Atlantis leaflet spot uv kingfisher press suffolk printers drip off image printing

Greeting cards or business cards are the ideal product to make with Spot UV as it can just add that touch of effect to create an eye-catching coating on your prints. Cards are not the only way to go, as you see above the droplet looks extremely effective with the spot UV. It adds a realistic look of water which can be effective for all sorts of prints.

Here at Kingfisher we’re able to create special glamorous touches to your projects and UV is not our only finish. Make sure to visit to find out more!