The Jetpress 720s can print your personalised data on both sides of the sheet. So you can create bespoke variable data printed individual documents for your clients adding in personalised information such as:

  • Names & addresses,
  • Messages
  • Sales or Target information
  • Membership information
  • Charts
  • Images & Pictures
Variable data print - personalised data print - jetpress printer suffolk

How does the Jetpress achieve this, accurately and at speed?

To handle double sided variable data applications, a barcode is printed in the non-image area of every sheet. When the sheet is backed up, the barcode is read and the press downloads the right data for that sheet in the 1.3 seconds before printing guaranteeing front and back page matching.

Thanks to the introduction of newly developed, ultra-high capacity servers and data transfer system, the Jet Press 720S is able to print the second side on-the-fly at the full press speed of 2700 B2 sheets per hour.

So what do you want to personalise? Letters, folders, books or brochures?

Contact us now about your personalised print.