We know that whilst quality and service in print may be relatively simple to define, they are far from simple to achieve. Investment in the latest technology certainly helps, as does a grounding in printing’s traditional skills and standards.

But it is the recognition that every job we undertake must mirror the many hours of thought and effort put in by our clients – before any ink is put on paper – that makes the real difference.

That’s why you’ll find we call the moment we’ve the slightest concern about colour balance, paper weight or delivery – simply because we believe it’s the end result that counts – and only attention to detail can achieve that end.

It’s also the reason we keep all pre-press and virtually all finishing in house where quality can be best controlled. A policy that led a move to customised premises in 2002, along with the creation of enhanced studio facilities and investment in advanced Computer to Plate technology.

Above all though – if one thing marks us out – it’s that we still see print as a craft that demands skill, passion and care.

Financially Stable and Secure

Kingfisher Press has always recognised that financial stability allows businesses to be flexible and better meet the needs of their customers. So, by investing in modern equipment at the right time, and by heavily investing in staff and training Kingfisher has grown organically without the constraints and financial pressures that can beset manufacturing industries.

Furthermore, through sound financial control and careful planning, Kingfisher has provided secure employment and built a dedicated team able to channel their efforts and skills with confidence.