Download Layers Guide

Please read our preferred settings before uploading to the Kingfisher Press FTP for the first time.

Check out our guide to Layers. Find out the best way to present your artwork to ensure the finished project is perfect in every way!

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If you would like to send over artwork to us please get in touch to find out the best way to send it.

Contact us re Artwork here

Tips for supplying Jetpress Wide Gamut files to Kingfisher

The Fuji guide to setting up artwork in Adobe InDesign to enable printing using the Wide Gamut Colour space for the Fujifilm Jetpress 720s.

Download the guide here

Kingfisher Press and Data Protection.

GDPR and Your Variable Data Files

We take the responsibility of looking after your data very seriously.

To ensure your data is secure we have implemented new procedures in working with personalised data for digital variable data print. Your files will need to be sent to us using a secure form of file transfer, not email. To find out more please contact your account manager.

Please view a copy of our data protection policy and privacy statement here.

Download a copy of our Policy and Privacy Statement here

Tips for supplying artwork files to Kingfisher

If you have any questions or queries regarding supplying artwork, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or call us on 01284 748 210.

  • Please ensure all folders are zipped before being uploaded to our FTP site. Single PDF files do not need to be zipped.
  • Your document size should be the same size as the finished job, e.g. if your job is a business card which is 55mm x 90mm then it should be created in a document of this size.
  • If your job consists of a range of items with different finished sizes then these should be supplied in the appropriate size documents, e.g. a letterhead in an A4 document and a compliments slip in a 99mm x 210mm document.
  • Please do not gang up smaller items in a bigger document, e.g. if you have 10 business cards they should each be in a document of the correct size instead of being placed in columns and rows on an A4 sheet. We will carry out any imposition work required.
  • Be sure to add bleed to your pages (where appropriate).
  • Quark Xpress files should be supplied with all relative fonts and pictures by performing a “Collect for Output”. InDesign files should be supplied in the same way by using the “Package” function.
  • If you are supplying PDF’s we have a set of export settings for Quark and InDesign which are available for download – please see these below. This will ensure that your files are saved in a format that best suits our requirements.
  • If your job contains information for a decorative finish (such as spot UV varnish) or a die cutting guide please make sure that this is easily distinguishable. The best way to do this is to set the appropriate elements to print in a spot colour (orange 021 is popular) and be set to overprint.
  • When creating die cutting guides please make sure that all lines are ‘joined’.
  • Please ensure all folders are compressed (either “zipped” or “stuffed”) before being uploaded to our FTP site. Single PDF files do not need to be compressed.

Automatically add our XMF press optimised settings