There isn’t much we can say – the proof is all in the print – ask us for a sample now of the Jetpress colour Max Gamut and we know you will be impressed by its vibrancy.

Fujifilm Max Gamut enables vibrant images to be reproduced and allows colour matching to the ISO 12647-2 standard, critical for mixed offset and digital production environments where you need colour consistency across brands and promotions.

We have discovered that the Jetpress 720s can make your CGI images look astonishing. They bring a seemless reality to property and construction CGI images that has never been seen before. So if you produce high quality property brochures contact us now!

Fine Lines & Micro Printing

The Jetpress 720s can produce fine line prints down to 1pt – giving superb print quality and consistency second to none. The latest in bleed-free ink coagulation technology means it can print the most complex of fine lines in the smallest type ideal for security micro printing which is unreadable to the naked eye.

If you are looking for fine print then the Jetpress 720s is ready to show you just what it can do.

Technical Blurb

The Jet Press 720S features a new generation of printhead technology, with each B2 width print bar built up of 17 individually replaceable modular printheads, each with 2,048 nozzles. This equates to 34,816 nozzles per bar, with each nozzle activated at a discharge frequency of up 100 kHz, depositing droplet sizes down to 2pl. The SAMBA™ print bar also takes advantage of unique VersaDrop™ technology, allowing the size and shape of each ink drop to be precisely controlled and placed on the paper, resulting in unbelievably fine lines and text.

Ultra Smooth Gradients

Gradients have always been a problem with digital print. Not any more!

Because the Jetpress 720s prints directly on to the paper rather than using a blanket, it can manage gradients with ease without losing any of the image quality, even the most difficult such as greys and dark blues.

Want to see what it can do? If you have a difficult or intricate design project then let us know.