In 2016 Kingfisher Press achieved ISO14001:2015 accreditation. As part of our on-going commitment to the environment and our Environmental Management policy we are committed to ensuring that we always purchase equipment with the best environmental credentials.

The Jetpress 720s is one of the most environmentally friendly presses on the market.

Jetpress environmental - high definition digital green print

Here’s why:

No need for founts, sprays and potentially harmful VOC washes reducing requirement for water and therefore waste water. The Jet Press 720S requires only water-based ink, head wash and primers.

Jetpress environmental - High Definition green print suffolkNo plates – it eliminates all elements involved in plate production including Plates, platesetters, processors and associated chemistry, water and waste.

There is no need for make ready sheets and no need to allow for 100s of run ons – keeping waste paper to a minimum.

Because of the primer and inks used on the Jetpress the sheets are easy to recycle.

The Jetpress has 25% lower carbon footprint than a typical offset press making it a valuable green alternative.