Proud to be a Carbon Balanced Printer

At Kingfisher Press, we’re proud to be among a select group of Carbon Balanced Printers in the UK. We have been a Carbon Balanced Printer since 2012 and worked with the World Land Trust for over 15 years.

What does being a Carbon Balanced Printer mean? It means we’re dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact not only by using responsibly sourced paper but also by implementing eco-friendly processes throughout our operations.

Being a Carbon Balanced Printer isn’t just a title – it’s a commitment to environmental integrity and credibility. It signifies that we’ve taken steps to estimate and offset the carbon emissions associated with the entire production process of a printed item. This accreditation reflects our dedication to environmental excellence across all aspects of our business.

Our partnership with the World Land Trust allows us to offset our carbon emissions by supporting projects that preserve endangered tropical forests. By doing so, we’re not only reducing our environmental footprint but also contributing to the protection of vital ecosystems.

In addition to being a Carbon Balanced Printer, Kingfisher Press holds other green credentials, including FSC® certification and the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System accreditation.

You can find out more here about Kingfisher Press and our commitment to the Environment.

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*Banner image Credit: FUNDAECO