• Summer Trade Brochure for Artisan Jewellery

    Summer Trade Brochure for Artisan Jewellery

    21st July 2022

    Artisan Jewellery Brochure We are very lucky here in Bury St Edmunds to be surrounded by many of entrepreneurs. These businesses sell a wide range of beautiful and unique products some sourced from all over the world and others made locally with local ingredients and showcased through print and on-line stores. One of those companies… Read more

  • Tremendous Trees Interactive Printed Booklet

    Tremendous Trees Interactive Printed Booklet

    14th July 2022

    Printed Interactive Student Booklet It’s always a pleasure to print a booklet that encourages youngsters to get outside and learn about the environment around them. This great little Tremendous Trees printed booklet is part of Waddesdon Learning and encourages students to learn and interact with the environment around them. There’s a whole range of activities… Read more

  • A2 Posters for Vintage Gifts & the Jetpress

    A2 Posters for Vintage Gifts & the Jetpress

    5th July 2022

    Our Jetpress loves showcasing products and recently we produced this fabulous A2 poster for local company Ivy Joan. Ivy Joan is a lovely brocante boutique for home provisions. It’s hard to choose between the beautiful items from vintage bowls to framed paintings and beautiful French crockery. If you are looking for a unique gift or… Read more

  • Printed Cartons for Cheeky Nibble Granola

    Printed Cartons for Cheeky Nibble Granola

    20th June 2022

    Cheeky Nibble Granola Cartons We print lots of cartons and boxes, brochures and boards and its really nice to work with local companies. In 2020/21 there were 549,000 businesses registered in rural areas, accounting for 23 per cent of all registered businesses in England (source HMRC) and Cheeky Nibble is one of them! Cheeky Nibble… Read more

  • Terrible Tales from Suffolk Book

    Terrible Tales from Suffolk Book

    23rd May 2022

    Terrible Tales from Suffolk! It was a delight to print a childrens book for Moyse’s Hall Museum here in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. The book is all about gruesome people and tales dating back hundreds of years. Written by Terry Dreary, famous for those brilliant Horrible History books, and Illustrated by Glen Pickering the book… Read more

  • Carbon Balanced Newsletters & Leaflets

    Carbon Balanced Newsletters & Leaflets

    17th May 2022

    Carbon Balanced Print It’s always a pleasure to work with the World Land Trust on their printed projects. The latest projects include their Spring 2022 Newsletter, Donation form and a leaflet for the Operation Ocelot campaign with Steve Backshall. Initially proofs were printed on our Jetpress digital machine with the signed off project then being… Read more

  • Avoid unnecessary plastic in your packaging

    Avoid unnecessary plastic in your packaging

    5th May 2022

    Helping to avoid Plastic in your Packaging In April 2022 the UKs Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) came in to force, so now is a great time to think about reducing the plastic in your packaging. The new PPT tax applies to packaging that is either made or imported into the UK that does not contain… Read more

  • Mohawk White Vellum & Aeroplanes

    Mohawk White Vellum & Aeroplanes

    19th April 2022

    Log Book printed on Mohawk Recycled Stock This log book is a beautiful example of high quality print. The Pilot Logbook and Flight Notes booklet has been produced by Aircraft Restoration Company for their Flight Experiences pack and the logbook lists the statistics of a range of aeroplanes including the spitfire and hurricane, both of… Read more

  • Wiro-bound Guidance Booklets

    Wiro-bound Guidance Booklets

    4th March 2022

    Wiro-bound Guidance Booklets As restrictions have eased we are delighted to see an increase in print for venues and events, exhibitions and outdoor activities. It’s been a long time but hopefully we can now get back to some kind of new normal. Recently we’ve printed a series of wiro-bound books for Waddesdon Manor. Situated near… Read more

  • Printed Spice Kit Card with Foil Blocking

    Printed Spice Kit Card with Foil Blocking

    24th November 2021

    Spice Kits with Gold Foil Blocking We recently printed a range of packaging for Previns who produce a range of Fine Indian Foods from spice kits to chutneys. The spice kits provide an easy to follow recipe card and you just add your own fresh ingredients such as meat, seafood or vegetables to the spice… Read more