Proud to print The Tree Register Yearbook

18th June 2024 by Kingfisher Press

Proud to print The Tree Register Yearbook

Nature’s Giants in Print: The Tree Register’s 2023-2024 Yearbook

We were thrilled to print the beautiful 2023-2024 yearbook for the Tree Register, an independent charity funded entirely by donations and memberships. The Tree Register maintains a database of 270,000 notable trees in Britain and Ireland which enables the charity to publish the definitive list of ‘champion’ trees, the largest and tallest of their type. The yearbook features a selection of these remarkable trees and includes spotlight chapters by guest writers and experts.

The cover is printed on 350gsm Finesse Silk, while the inner pages use 170gsm silk paper, enhancing the vivid images of these majestic trees. With a water-based silk aqueous seal applied through the book was then PUR bound to ensure that the pages stay secure as the book is read and referenced.

You can find out more about the Tree Register from their website here:

Kingfisher Press & The Environment

Kingfisher Press is committed to sustainability, proudly holding FSC certification, ISO14001 accreditation, and Carbon Balanced Printer status. Our FSC certification ensures that all our papers and boards have a complete chain of custody, sourced from ethical and sustainable sources. Yes, tree farms really are a thing!!

As an ISO14001 accredited business, we strive to use sustainable products and practices, reduce waste, and recycle everything possible. Our status as a Carbon Balanced Printer means our carbon footprint is assessed, verified, and offset with the World Land Trust, covering not just the paper but our entire printing process.

We are passionate about sustainable print and offer a wide range of environmentally friendly stocks and finishes, including paper made from algae and tree-free paper.

Find out more about Kingfisher and our commitment to environmental responsibility here.