Reducing Plastic Packaging

30th July 2020 by Kingfisher Press

Reducing Plastic Packaging

Reducing Plastic Packaging – Cardboard Inlay Trays

A recent consumer study commissioned by Two Sides has focused on Packaging. Conducted by Independent research company, Toluna, the study looked at packaging preferences, perceptions and attitudes in Europe.

It’s not a great surprise that paper and cardboard packaging rank highest with consumers for sustainability, and that 70% of consumers are actively taking steps to reduce their use of plastic packaging. It is interesting to find out that 48% of consumers would avoid retailers that are not actively trying to reduce their non-recyclable plastic packaging. Consumer power can be a strong influence so its time retailers and companies looked at reducing their plastic packaging more closely.

You can read the full report here including the key findings around packaging preferences.

Away with Plastic Inlay Trays

We’ve recently been approached by a client to help remove their plastic packaging for a range of products which require inlay trays. These inlays do a valuable job in keeping the gift or game safe and in the right place when boxed and on the shelf.

We developed a board tray that is fully recyclable to be used as an alternative to the plastic insert. Using our in-house CAD studio and a talented and experienced carton engineer we can work with almost any plastic tray design and develop a board alternative.

While some trays house products, others are designed to keep gifts secure. We have worked on a wide range of inlay trays and inserts from Wine Bottle Stoppers to beauty products, glassware, cookware and even books in display boxes.

All these bespoke inlay trays are designed and developed in-house in our studio. It gives us the opportunity to take a client’s initial ideas and develop those from plastic packaging to a sustainable and recyclable inlay or insert tray.

Do you need help with packaging design or inlay trays? Please give us a call if you do – we love a challenge!

Box & Prototype Design at Kingfisher Press

As well as designing the internal packaging, our CAD studio can design cartons and boxes, bespoke and unique. We have recently developed a box with closing mechanisms that doesn’t require tape to make up. We use our CAD studio to design prototypes, packaging styles and design styles in cartons and boxes.

While the specialist die and CAD equipment can design and make up the box, our Jetpress 720s can print 1 or 100 copies for presentations and pitch’s and special offer short run cartons, boxes or promo leaflets.

Check out our blog regarding packaging and plastic alternatives, not only in packaging but in Wide Format signage and print in general. To find out more about what Kingfisher Press can do please visit the Kingfisher Press website here.