• BIG banners with XL Print!

    BIG banners with XL Print!

    16th May 2016

    It’s that time of year where our XL team are excited for the big prints that summer is about to throw at them! With markets, exhibitions, outdoor events and fun family events, it’s the perfect time to go big! Our roll fed Mimaki machine allows us to impress you on the scale of our prints…. Read more

  • Canvas Prints to showcase your art!

    Canvas Prints to showcase your art!

    9th May 2016

    Canvases really show artwork in great detail which is perfect if you want to showcase photographs or a family picture you’ve always longed to hang in the hallway. Canvases show a professional touch in offices and showrooms to give a nice and warming touch to the wall decor. We can have large 1.5m x 3m… Read more

  • Dibond your big prints!

    Dibond your big prints!

    30th March 2016

    Now Spring has sprung, it’s time to think big for outdoor displays or get your resources ready for your next show you have in your calendar that is calling for new signage and promotion!  Choose Dibond, it is a light but very rigid aluminium material that has a polyethene core and has a thickness of… Read more

  • Etched Effect Printing for Glass

    Etched Effect Printing for Glass

    23rd November 2015

    There are some really unique prints and products that come off our printing press, and our etched effect print on glass is one of them. This Southside print is really unique and creates an interesting look for a window display or office use. The etched effect is actually printed on the glass rather than the… Read more

  • Printing on Laptops

    Printing on Laptops

    14th October 2015

    Here at Kingfisher XL we really like to stretch the expectations of what our customers think is available for printing. We are able to print on your laptops, iPad and tablets easily through our XL machines. The possibilities with printing on laptops and tablets can be done for creating a product, a brand identity or… Read more

  • Go BIG with our XL Banners

    Go BIG with our XL Banners

    7th September 2015

    Getting your name or product heard is one thing, having it seen is another. At Kingfisher our XL team can make you stand out from the crowd with large banners and signage that is provided in the highest level of quality, colour and finish to suit any needs.    Our roll fed Mimaki machine allows… Read more