• Carton Design and Box Printing

    Carton Design and Box Printing

    7th February 2023

    Thinking what’s outside the box Products come in all shapes and sizes meaning packaging does too! We produce a wide range of printed boxes and cartons using a variety of processes to suit all kinds or goods and gifts. There’s such a variety of materials available from thin to thick, recycled, carbon balanced, plastic free… Read more

  • Cartons for Home Making Kits

    Cartons for Home Making Kits

    13th April 2021

    Home Making Chocolate Lollipop Cartons We have worked with Petite & Sweet for several years now printing their delightful cartons for a range of ‘make at home’ chocolate treats. The latest cartons are printed on Incada silk which is a high quality board for luxury packaging. The kits are for chocolate lolly making sharks and… Read more