• Magnecote – Magnet Print – Die Cut – Laminate

    Magnecote – Magnet Print – Die Cut – Laminate

    4th November 2014

    Magnetcote is a fabulous magnetic material used for magnets and charts of all kinds. Its  a great material to work with, we have produced several jobs using this versatile stock, samples of which are available. It can be die-cut into any shape and is available in 2 different weights. If you would like samples please… Read more

  • Problem Solved !! ……..Laser Cutting

    Problem Solved !! ……..Laser Cutting

    5th June 2013

    The Challenge: Tiny slots less than .8mm thick for interlocking promotional discs. Conventional die-cutting can only cut 1.7mm thickness – minimum. The Solution: Laser cutting. Laser cutting allows the slots to be .7mm thick or thin as the case is with these little discs!! Laser cutting is used in all manner of promotional and marketing… Read more

  • Whats in a Pantone Colour?

    Whats in a Pantone Colour?

    8th April 2013

    Pantone colour matching is a standardized colour repro system. In print, we mostly use CMYK but are often asked for a specific pantone colour for a logo or brand consistency. It ensures that no matter what you are printing with or on – the colour will remain consistent and controlled. Most of pantones 1,114 spot… Read more

  • Digital print …..quick and easy

    Digital print …..quick and easy

    11th March 2013

    Check out our new digital press  – its quick and effective and the colour reproduction is fantastic. It can print and personalise your letters all in one quick pass.  We can print membership cards, door hangers, bottle tops, business cards, reports, menus, loyalty cards and all kinds of wonderful projects. Harness the power of digital… Read more

  • Print Seals and Varnishes – Alternative to Spot UV – Drip Off

    Print Seals and Varnishes – Alternative to Spot UV – Drip Off

    8th October 2012

    Do you regularly use Spot UV varnishes and Seals? Get a Matt or Gloss effect finish on large runs where Spot UV is an uneconomical option or on shorter runs to give that quality finish. Drip off coatings can enhance your projects and lift images whilst keeping costs to a minimum. It offers a more… Read more