• Polyart – Order of Service

    Polyart – Order of Service

    17th November 2022

    Polyart Printer – Order of Service We have recently printed an ‘Order of Service’ for The Chapel of St John the Evangelist, at Hurstpierpoint College in West Sussex. With many services and ceremonies, the Chapel wanted something that could be used regularly by those attending. Rather than reprint time and time again they chose to… Read more

  • Synaps, The Jetpress 720s & Rescue Training

    Synaps, The Jetpress 720s & Rescue Training

    22nd May 2019

    Synaps – Synthetic stock that behaves like Paper We’ve been working with a company to produce durable outdoor reference guides for a number of years. Rescue 3 Europe produces and delivers state of the art technical rescue training courses and therefore needed a hardy reference guide for using out in the field. This latest Ice Rescue… Read more

  • Cycling with Polyart Maps

    Cycling with Polyart Maps

    26th July 2018

    Cycling with Polyart Maps With the Tour de France well under way cycling is the sport of the week! We’ve just produced this excellent Road Cycle Map of North Costa Blanca, Spain for Active Maps. Active Maps are a mapping company who specialize in producing powerful, clear and attractive maps. The maps are for specific… Read more

  • Polyart Maps for Outdoor Adventures with SUTMAP

    Polyart Maps for Outdoor Adventures with SUTMAP

    16th November 2017

    Get Mapping for Outdoor Adventures We have just produced these great little pocket size maps for SUTMAP who produce Adventure and Leisure maps. SUTMAP, based in Australia, produce a wide range of maps for the outdoor adventurer including orienteering, bush walking, cycling and ski touring. Their own range of topographic Mountain Maps have been printed here… Read more

  • What is Polyart?

    What is Polyart?

    30th March 2016

    What is polyart and what would you use it for? We love polyart!!