• Bangtail Envelopes for Mailers

    Bangtail Envelopes for Mailers

    21st January 2016

    If you’re a charity, fundraising group or looking for a way to gain a response from your mailers then consider getting bangtail envelopes printed with us here at Kingfisher Press. Our machines can print digitally and in litho to create these tear off envelopes that mean you can get forms, donations and sign-ups with ease. For… Read more

  • Get ready for 2016 with marketing calendars!

    Get ready for 2016 with marketing calendars!

    28th October 2015

    Its just over 2 months until January rolls around and a new year begins so it’s the perfect time to get your calendars into production! Be it for academic, personal or marketing work solutions calendars are the perfect way to advertise your brand and your products with a handy year plan. We can supply different… Read more