• Avoid unnecessary plastic in your packaging

    Avoid unnecessary plastic in your packaging

    5th May 2022

    Helping to avoid Plastic in your Packaging In April 2022 the UKs Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) came in to force, so now is a great time to think about reducing the plastic in your packaging. The new PPT tax applies to packaging that is either made or imported into the UK that does not contain… Read more

  • Reducing Plastic Packaging

    Reducing Plastic Packaging

    30th July 2020

    Reducing Plastic Packaging – Cardboard Inlay Trays A recent consumer study commissioned by Two Sides has focused on Packaging. Conducted by Independent research company, Toluna, the study looked at packaging preferences, perceptions and attitudes in Europe. It’s not a great surprise that paper and cardboard packaging rank highest with consumers for sustainability, and that 70%… Read more