Wiro-bound Guidance Booklets

4th March 2022 by Kingfisher Press

Wiro-bound Guidance Booklets

Wiro-bound Guidance Booklets

As restrictions have eased we are delighted to see an increase in print for venues and events, exhibitions and outdoor activities. It’s been a long time but hopefully we can now get back to some kind of new normal.

Recently we’ve printed a series of wiro-bound books for Waddesdon Manor. Situated near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire it hosts an art Collection, a winery, music concerts and events as well as the beautiful house and gardens.

The books are printed on finesse silk 200gsm, with 350gsm covers, in full colour on our Jeptress High definition digital press. The two handbooks are then trimmed, collated and wiro-bound ready for the volunteers and house Hosts.

Jetpress 720s – High Definition Digital Print

The Jetpress 720s is ideal for printing projects which are short run or require personalisation. The print can be finished with the same options as litho. This particular project was wiro-bound but they can be bound or finished in a variety of ways.

High definition digital print is perfect for brand consistency and the accuracy of the Jetpress 720s means you don’t have to compromise on the quality of print when you want a short run fast turnaround option.

These guidance booklets printed on our Jetpress 720s are a fine example of short run digital print at its best. The Jetpress 720s can handle multiple inside pages in colour or black and white and because it can take B2 sheet size means it will be end to end digital colour consistency.

To find out more about the Jetpress 720s capabilities contact us now or visit our website. If you have a project and are looking for guidance on how to print then please give us a call. We print all kinds of books, banners, signs and posters!

Wiro Bound Books

Wiro-binding is available in a wide range of options of colours and sizes. From large to smaller size rings – depending on what you want to bind and with a range of colours available.

If you have a special project you would like to get bound then contact us for the best options. We also offer PUR binding and stitching.

To find out whats available contact us now or read our binding blog here.

To find out more about the Jetpress 720s and High Definition digital print visit the Kingfisher Press website here.