Wideformat – Not just banners and boards

23rd August 2023 by Kingfisher Press

Wideformat – Not just banners and boards

Its always a pleasure working with National Trust at Ickwork House which is based near us in Suffolk.

Recently we have produced a wide range of printed and graphic projects from signage to interactive information boards and coin drop signs.

We produced an interactive wall with drop down flaps containing facts and info about the property. We also produced a donation coin drop for donation collections which is a great way to raise funds.

Wideformat print isn’t always large standard size banners and boards but can be anything from giant gorillas to man size cardboard cut outs. We’ve made various birthday celebration boards and statues, spin boards and bunting.

We’ve made card board cut outs of Vans and shop fronts, Footballers and Bananas! Wooden framed signage is a popular choice for outdoor activities and will always stand the test of time while dibond can withstand all the lovely seasons we have here in the UK and continue to direct and guide visitors.

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