Tremendous Trees Interactive Printed Booklet

14th July 2022 by Kingfisher Press

Tremendous Trees Interactive Printed Booklet

Printed Interactive Student Booklet

It’s always a pleasure to print a booklet that encourages youngsters to get outside and learn about the environment around them.

This great little Tremendous Trees printed booklet is part of Waddesdon Learning and encourages students to learn and interact with the environment around them. There’s a whole range of activities and learning tools available and you can find out more here:

The 8pp A5 booklets are printed on 120gsm uncoated material allowing the pupils to write in the booklet, answering questions and reporting their findings ready to discuss later in the classroom. Once the project is printed, folded, stitched and trimmed, it’s then delivered ready for the budding ecologists to enjoy on their investigations!

Short Run Digital Print and the Jetpress

Our Jetpress 720s loves printing! Books, boards, letters, packaging – you name it and it can do it! The quality of the print is outstanding and because its B2 it can deal with Posters, folders, boxes and cartons. With little set up and waste and no printing plates it also supports environmental policies with its low environmental impact.

The Jetpress is ideal for short run print whether you need a workbook, reference book or special event booklet it offers a fast, efficient and cost effective option for smaller quantities.

If you are looking to showcase products, share information or provide an interactive tool for venues or events then please give us a call. The Jetpress is suited to any High End short run colour print whether its for an Art Catalogue, Sales Brochure, Cartons, letters or leaflets.

To find out more about Kingfisher Press and the Jetpress high definition digital print visit our website here or get in touch with us on 01284 748210.