Translucent Print with Quality Feel & Texture

10th February 2015 by Kingfisher Press

translucent_imageTranslucent print is not something we do all that often here at Kingfisher Press but we have just produced one of the best examples we have seen for a long time.

We printed this beautiful brochure for a local furniture manufacturer using a paper called X-PER which, according to the manufacturers website, is produced with a special surface coating treatment designed to retain the pleasant tactile feel of an uncoated paper. This special surface allows particularly bright and sharp images with a resultant quality feel and texture.

Not only are the brochure and the images very pleasing on the eye but it also features a beautifully illustrated translucent page at the beginning and end of the booklet.  This artistic touch enhances the feel of this premium brochure and really brings it to life.

All printed and finished in house it was a pleasure to produce such a fine example print for this prestigious sofa and interior furnishings company.