Tabbed brochure Printed here at Kingfisher Press

21st February 2017 by Kingfisher Press

Tabbed brochure Printed here at Kingfisher Press

We have just produced this fabulous tabbed brochure for Xplore Language. The brochure features language camps throughout the world and to make it easier for the reader to find which countries are available, each section is tabbed from the front cover.

It’s always difficult to tab stitched or stapled booklets but this is something we do on regular basis, planning ahead is critical to ensure pages and the tabs are the right size and width and end up in exactly the right place!

The booklet is printed on FSC 100% recycled stock to meet environmental credentials which also gives it a very practical feel.

Are you looking to reprint your brochures in 2017? We produce a wide range of brochures and catalogues involving all kinds of print and finishing techniques.

Contact us more to find out what we can do here at Kingfisher Press.’