Single sided label paper

6th April 2020 by Kingfisher Press

Single sided label paper

Single Sided Label Paper

Used regularly on tins and food packaging, single sided label paper can be difficult to come by. It is now only made by a limited number of European paper mills and merchants do not stock it.

Kingfisher Press continues to produce a variety of labels using this material for various clients and to avoid supply difficulties we stock considerable quantities of 120gsm obtained directly from the paper mills.

We keep this material in stock, which means we are able to print single sided labels in shorter runs. This isn’t something every printer can offer due to the fact is essentially made to order.

It is possible to apply various gloss, matt or high gloss UV varnishes to the paper. So if you are looking for a short or medium sized run of labels then please give us a call to find out if we can help.

The paper is great for using for applications to tins and many other applications including food stuffs, labels for candle tins, tins for environmentally friendly shampoos, conditioners and beauty products, including deodorant and soap tins. Its a versatile paper with many uses. If you have a requirement for single sided label paper then please give us a call.

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