Retail Sales Display Boards

20th May 2021 by Kingfisher Press

Retail Sales Display Boards

Retail Sales Display Boards

We were delighted to produce a range of sales display boards for retail music shops.

The design tiles were printed on a rigid form board on our Wideformat flat-bed Jetrix printer. With 20 different designs in various shapes and sizes, this is the perfect project for the Jetrix wide format press.

Each board is an individual print, meaning each board can be unique, in size or design and the Jetrix takes it all in its stride.

Fitted with Velcro for mounting, unique printed bar codes and wrapped individually the boards were ready to be distributed to the various retail outlets throughout the UK.

Kingfisher Press & Wideformat Print

We have a variety of wide format presses to suit the huge range of indoor and outdoor print. From 50 meter banners to die-cut labels, printed desks and doors, lights and mirrors and outdoor directional signage we have the ability to provide whatever you need.

With years of print experience we can help you to ensure your project will be a success, indoor or outdoor, large or small.

We are always keen to offer environmentally products where possible and have always offered recycled and carbon balanced papers but now we can also offer a range of indoor and outdoor signage made from recycled boards or using recyclable plastics.

To find out more about our environmentally conscious print for Wideformat signage and print check out our blog here.

If you have something you need to display then give us a call. Our knowledge of wide format print is extensive and with many years experience we are able to advise on what would be the best option for you.