Synaps, The Jetpress 720s & Rescue Training

22nd May 2019 by Kingfisher Press

Synaps, The Jetpress 720s & Rescue Training

Synaps – Synthetic stock that behaves like Paper

We’ve been working with a company to produce durable outdoor reference guides for a number of years. Rescue 3 Europe produces and delivers state of the art technical rescue training courses and therefore needed a hardy reference guide for using out in the field.

This latest Ice Rescue Field Guide has been printed on Synaps on our Jetpress 720s.

Synaps combines robustness with a high quality print and feel, whilst being completely user friendly requiring no specialist inks or knowledge.

Synaps OM is water-proof, tear-proof and proven to be resistant to UV light discolouration making it the ideal material for on the job guides. It is also compatible with our Jetpress 720s meaning we can offer it as a suitable material for short run colour print.

The booklet has been wiro-bound with white coil and has a clear PVC 400 micron cover. The printed cover is 230gsm Synaps with the internal pages being 135gsm. The material is also available in 175gsm, 300gsm and 450gsm.

Synaps and Polyart at Kingfisher Press

We love Synaps – it behaves like paper but is stronger and more durable. Synaps isn’t the only durable material we work with. We use another product when litho printing called Polyart.

Polyart has similar characteristics to Synaps and can be die-cut and laminated. To find out more about Polyart visit the Kingfisher Press website here. We’ve worked with polyart on a variety of projects including veterinary reference books, bin tags and a wide variety of maps for all types of outdoor pursuits.

If you have a tricky project which requires a durable and tough material then give us a call. We’ve worked with both Synaps and polyart on a range of projects and will be happy to help. Give us a call now on 01284 748210.

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