Recycled Papers – competitive and caring

2nd October 2012 by Kingfisher Press

For many years recycled stocks were seen as down-shade or poor in performance. Not any more. Recycled stocks are now equal in quality, reliability and performance.

Recycled stocks, either 75% or 100% recycled content are now available in Gloss and Silk and are carbon balanced at source.

Why use recycled stocks?

1 tonne of recycled 100% paper versus virgin paper on average:

  • Diverts 1.3 tonnes of waste paper from landfill
  • Uses 50% less energy in production
  • Saves 1.32 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2)

Source: WRAP

Using recycled papers:

  • Conserves Natural Resources
  • Reduces Air Pollutant emissions
  • Saves Landfill Space
  • Completes the recycling loop and creates jobs – reduce – reuse -recycle

Why not try your next project on recycled stocks. You can add a badge to your artwork detailing the kgs of landfill saved, kg of CO2 greenhouse gaess and litres of water saved by using a recycled stock.

If you choose a recycled stock it may also be carbon balanced and you will be able to detail the carbon offset and land preserved in using a carbon balanced stock.

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