Why do you need to add bleed to your artwork?

20th March 2013 by Kingfisher Press

Why is bleed so important to our design studio?

Bleed is a term we use in printing which means the image or design bleeds off the end of the page – in other words the design goes beyond the edge of the paper.

When we print we may have anything from 2 to 16 pages to view per printable sheet and bleed means that when we have printed a sheet we can trim down each page to its correct size. Having bleed means there will be no white edges where the image doesn’t quite reach the edge of the paper.

As we don’t wish to encourage wasteful use of paper and print – we prefer a 2mm – 5mm bleed. This allows us enough extra to trim neatly while not wasting print ensuring we can efficiently recycle any white waste.

We handle all imposition requirements on our super pre-press software so all you need to do is provide your print ready PDF with bleed and we will do the rest. Check out our upload guidelines on our website.

Print ready artwork – now that’s another story …………………….