Elegantly printed notebooks for on-line retailer

28th September 2016 by Kingfisher Press

Elegantly printed notebooks for on-line retailer

We have just produced this fabulous range of cartons and notebooks for online clothing and accessories retailer A Gift From The Gods.

First we produced a new carton for the company which looks fabulous with Metallic Magenta foil blocking, the foil effect gives the packaging a very opulent and unique look and is a great representation of the top class products enclosed.

The next challenge was a range of notebooks in a selection of sizes and colours. The finished result is fantastic.

The notebooks have been PUR bound to give them longevity and the covers are foil blocked in a range of silver, gold and magenta. They really do look luxurious and are a beautiful touch for this great range of clothing and products.

Gift From The Gods launched the notebooks at a recent trade event at Olympia where they were a real hit.

“We were looking to introduce stationery into our gift offer and having worked with Kingfisher Press on our gift packaging, we turned to them for advice on the stationery options. With excellent customer service, their team worked with us to deliver a quality product with the right design features. We’re thrilled with the results and they are a commercial success.”

If you would like to give your packaging a re-vamp or are interested in books, notebooks or foil blocking then give us a call.

We can guide you through your options and work with you to find the best solution to your packaging and promotional print needs.

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