Printed Food Sleeves for Delicious Jess Cooks meals.

16th October 2019 by Kingfisher Press

Printed Food Sleeves for Delicious Jess Cooks meals.

Printed Food Sleeves for Jess Cooks

Its been a pleasure to work with Jess Colmer on her new range of Jess Cooks, Simple Suppers for Kids.

Jess, who is based in Suffolk and previously ran a children’s cookery club business, has been developing her range of delicious children’s meals for the last year. The meals are designed so you can just add your own pasta or rice or whatever you choose. All Many of the ingredients are locally sourced and the meals can be are frozen, taking only minutes to prepare and add to your chosen side.

Currently with 5 products in the range, and more being tested, Jess Cooks meals will be available from October 2019. You can visit the Jess Cooks website here

This is the second start-up company we have produced print for in the last few weeks and we are always proud and very pleased to see all the hard work that is put in to projects coming to life with eye catching packaging.

Jetpress 720s and Food Sleeves

We produced 5 different colour sleeves for Jess Cooks with 5 delicious options ready to hit the shelves. Printed on Elegance 255gsm on our Jetpress 720s High Definition digital press, the sleeves are then creased and folded. Applying a freezer compatible tape they are then ready to be wrapped around the meal container.

With its high definition digital print the Jetpress digital printer means we can print high quality packaging design in short runs. This is ideal if you want to test the market or launch a limited edition product.

To find out more about our Jetpress 720s visit the Kingfisher Press website here.

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