Durable Printed Flash Cards – Emoji Style

18th August 2020 by Kingfisher Press

Durable Printed Flash Cards – Emoji Style

Synaps Emoji Flash Cards

We’ve worked with Chateez for several years now on a variety of projects. Chateez provide a range of cards using Emoji’s to help children, young people and adults communicate how they feel.

You can find out more about Chateez, how and why they developed these printed flash cards by visiting the Chateez website here.

Roughly the size of a credit card, these emoji expression printed flash cards were printed, round cornered and drilled. Once this process of finishing was complete the cards were then bound in sets with a 38mm binding ring. This means the Chateez card set can be used to find the appropriate emoji without losing everything in a pile!

The cards were printed on Synaps OM on our High Definition Jet Press. Synapps OM is a versatile and durable material which can be used for a wide range of print such as cards, menus, place cards, POS wobblers and much more. Using Synaps OM means the cards can be handled regularly without becoming frayed or ruined.

Although a synthetic paper, Synaps is made from polyester and is PVC free which means it doesn’t contain any chlorine or phthalates, which are toxic ingredients found in some PVCs.

You can read more about Synaps here.

We have also produced a range of larger emoji cards. These follow the same family of cards but are A5 size with 27 different versions. Each card shows and emoji or a object or feeling which can help to start conversations. The larger flash cards were printed on 400gsm Satin on our Litho press, die-cut and matt laminated to make them more durable.

Kingfisher Press & Cards

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For longer runs our Heidelberg Press is happy to run day and night and can do over 17k impressions per hour. The Litho press is ideal for medium to long run print on a wide variety of stocks including carton and box board. We have produced promotional playing cards, tent cards, Christmas cards and more on this press.

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