Printed Spice Kit Card with Foil Blocking

24th November 2021 by Kingfisher Press

Printed Spice Kit Card with Foil Blocking

Spice Kits with Gold Foil Blocking

We recently printed a range of packaging for Previns who produce a range of Fine Indian Foods from spice kits to chutneys.

The spice kits provide an easy to follow recipe card and you just add your own fresh ingredients such as meat, seafood or vegetables to the spice pack ingredients.

The spice kits are printed on Elegance 280gsm board and sealed. The gold foil blocking adds opulence to the beautifully designed printed spice card packs.

With their own special printing die made, the kit card ingredients packs are printed, foil blocked, die-cut and then attached with an eyelet fastening with the pack ingredients making it an easy to use and fun option for anyone who wants to make their own delicious meal.

Kingfisher Press and Carton Print

The Previns packaging was printed on our Heidelberg XL75 which can print boxes and cartons all day long. With the option of a range aqueous water based seals applied in-line it makes it a great piece of equipment for short and medium run boxes and cartons.  You can find out more here about our Litho Carton and Box Print here.

Our High Definition Digital Jetpress also loves packaging print. It’s consistent, efficient and fast for short run packaging and can produce 1 or 1000 with each one exactly the same as the copies before and after.

Using super intelligent technology the Jetpress can provide personalised packaging or print with a wide range of colour and print size making it high definition, high quality and economical. Find out more about the Jetpress and carton print here.

If you have a packaging project no matter how BIG or small then please give us a shout. With an in house CAD studio we can help you design the packaging that best suits your product and trial and test designs, sizes and styles. Find out more here about our in-house carton design studio.