Printed Bunting, Boards & Spin the Wheel for Birthday Celebrations

25th September 2020 by Kingfisher Press

Printed Bunting, Boards & Spin the Wheel for Birthday Celebrations

18th Birthday Celebration Spin the Wheel & Printed Bunting

Congratulations to Go Ape on reaching its 18th Birthday!!

Its always a delight working with Go Ape. They have such a wide range of print and so many different sizes, styles and designs.

The latest print project is to celebrate their 18 years of adventure! The multi marketing project includes a spinning wheel board, printed bunting and photo board!

The Go Ape 18th Birthday Wheel of Fortune was printed on our Jetrix Flatbed Wideformat press on baseboard and is a massive 1.1 x 2metres! You can spin the wheel to see what great prizes you win from vouchers, hoodies and gloves!

The bunting is printed on Synaps, a synthetic paper which is hardy and durable to cope with the outdoor elements! The bunting was printed on our digital Jetpress die-cut and drilled ready for the birthday celebrations! You can find out more about Synaps here.

You can find out more about the birthday celebrations on the Go Ape website here. Now is a great time to get outside and experience the adrenaline and sense of achievement you get when you finish. We can say through experience after a Kingfisher Team day out that it’s exhilarating when you get to the end!

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