Impressive Printed A3 Floorplate Brochure

7th December 2022 by Kingfisher Press

Impressive Printed A3 Floorplate Brochure

Showcasing the Chic Battersea Power Station

Sometimes a print project comes along that has a range of impressive elements and this project is one of the best we have seen lately.

We’ve recently printed an A3 and A5 brochure for the launch of a collection of new apartments at the Battersea Power Station development.

You can see the full regeneration project here which as well as being home to over 2,000 residential, is now open to the public with shops, bars, restaurants, leisure and entertainment venues, a hotel and much more. . There is also the newly opened Lift 109 – a converted chimney, turned into a glass elevator experience that gives visitors panoramic views across the city.

To represent this outstanding development, Battersea Power Station Development Company have produced an A3 Floorplate brochure of the sale of the residential Koa apartments on Electric Boulevard. Accompanying this larger brochure is a smaller A5 booklet which details the furniture packages available put together by BoxNine7.

The 350gsm covers are printed on Colour Plan White Frost Gravure Embossed giving it a lavish textured feel. To add to the plush style the covers are foil blocked with a blue swirl, which actually represents the aerial shape of the building of the Koa apartments, and with black foil and deboss on the title and text.

What is the difference between emboss and deboss?

An embossing is raised, while a debossing is sunken into the surface of the paper. These booklets have both which in turn emphasises each.

Centre Sewn – Bound with style

The other unusual aspect is that the printed A3 booklet is centre sewn. The centre sewn layflat option was chosen so that none of the content of the floorplans was lost in the centre of the pages.

Thread, or centre sewn, gives a very old fashioned feel to the finished book. It’s not something we do very often but is a pleasure to see.

This first class project has many strings to its bow and has been a real pleasure to produce with so many superb elements brought together for the final finished brochures.

Bespoke Projects

If you have a project you want to stand out, whether through texture, colour or finishing techniques please get in touch.

There are so many options when it comes to paper, foil blocking and binding. With our many years of experience in print we will be able to advise on the best options to get the results you want.