Print with Polyart!

30th November 2015 by Kingfisher Press

Polyart is the highly durable, tear, water and grease resistant material that can be printed on to create a high-quality finish that will last in the toughest of conditions. Perfect for all sorts of occasions and situations it will work well to keep long lasting prints.

polyart poly art printing paper printers suffoklIt has a smooth coated finish when printed that shows good levels of opacity, it can be die cut and laminated to any requirements with weight ranges of 75 – 240 g/m2.

Polyart is a synthetic paper, therefore drying can often be the challenging aspect to the print. Fear not, at Kingfisher we’ve been working with Polyart for years and with our expert skills in printing, we make sure your print is perfect from start to finish!

Polyart isn’t just your conventional material, an endless list of items can be made from Poly art!

This includes:
– Luggage tags and labels
– Horticultural and plant labels
– Food labelling
– Barcoding
– Clothing labels
– Children’s books, cookery books, picture books
– Atlases and Hiking maps
– Park guides and information booklets
– Banners and promotional flags
– Timetables, board games and playing cards
– Medical, scientific and academic publications

Visit out website to find out more about how we can help you print with Polyart and we’ll look forward to printing your designs!