Print BIG with Kingfisher Press

20th July 2016 by Kingfisher Press

Print BIG with Kingfisher Press

The Jetrix printer is a big deal at Kingfisher XL, its what makes the XL in printing! It creates our large format prints on pretty much any material. The Jetrix can print on almost anything as long as its less than 100mm thick and relatively flat. It prints wallpaper, floor tiles, banners, posters and boards. It can print on doors, beds and glass.

This printer can perform unique prints by making items like ceramics and tiles for kitchens and bathrooms with any print of your choosing. Brighten up your bathroom, kitchen or office with a unique design designed by you.

Just let us know what you want your print for and we will use our expert knowledge to provide you with the best solution for your requirements.

We also can make BIG banners and work to make you stand out in any environment.

With a wide variety substrates, we have can print up to 3 x 1.5 metres for indoor or outdoor conditions so next time you want to make a big impression, choose Kingfisher Press for your wide format print!

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