Polyart – Order of Service

17th November 2022 by Kingfisher Press

Polyart – Order of Service

Polyart Printer – Order of Service

We have recently printed an ‘Order of Service’ for The Chapel of St John the Evangelist, at Hurstpierpoint College in West Sussex.

With many services and ceremonies, the Chapel wanted something that could be used regularly by those attending. Rather than reprint time and time again they chose to use Polyart.

Polyart is a durable, flexible and grease resistant material that can be printed, die cut and laminated. The synthetic material can be used over and over again, being read and leafed through and then returned for the next service.

Printed on 240gsm for the cover and 110gsm for the internal pages, the booklet is creased, folded and stitched ready to be shared at the Chapel for the many services that will be held in the next few years.

Kingfisher Press & Polyart

Polyart is a great material when you need something durable and hardy. We’ve previously printed many maps and guidance books on Polyart. It can scope with being used in damp weather, can be creased and folded making it ideal for outdoor pursuits and activities. As an experienced polyart printer we will advise you on what’s available and what is best for your project.

Its durability and tear resistant make up means it’s the ideal option for out in the field reference books. The pages can be laminated, punched and wiro bound to provide the perfect flip or reference guide on location no matter what the weather.

You can read more about Polyart here or read about our previous projects on our blog here and here.

If you would like to find out more about polyart or have a printing project you would like help with please get in touch.

There are alternatives available for digital print processes including synaps – check out more info on synaps here.