Plastic Alternatives for Signage & Point of Sale

2nd October 2019 by Kingfisher Press

Plastic Alternatives for Signage & Point of Sale

Environmentally Friendly Wide Format for Signage & POS.

We are always trying to find the best option when it comes to the environment. It’s difficult, there are sometimes no alternatives to plastic, its longevity being its downfall. But there are options available to reduce single use plastics.

Recyclable Plastic for indoor and outdoor signage

Recently Antalis have started to stock a foam PVC alternative called Triaprint.

The sheet consists of 3 layers giving it the principle characteristics of high rigidity and strength while staying lightweight. The smooth upper and lower sheet make it ideal for printing.

The structure of multiple layers gives good sound proofing and insulating characteristics. It can also be used for medical and food applications as it can be sterilised.


The raw material is a polypropylene copolymer meaning the raw material is perfectly recyclable.

You can finish the print with laminate for long term outdoor use, but this does effect the recyclable ability of the sheet.

You can use this sheet for Exhibition booths and boards, point of sale and posters, indoor signage and outdoor signage. It has a variety of uses and maybe a greener option for any of the above.

Xanita – Recycled Board

If you do not want to use plastic at all and are looking for indoor signage and POS then you try Xanita.

Its a greener option for indoor print and is a lightweight natural fibre based board consisting of recycled kraft core sandwiched between printable liners. The board is ECF – Elemental Chlorine Free and free of VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds meaning all materials used in the box board are non-toxic.

The board is lightweight but due to the core has very good rigidity. It’s a great alternative to replace foamed-core boards for indoor use.

It makes the board a good environmental alternative for Point of Sale, Exhibition stands and posters and any indoor signage or boards where you need a good rigid option. It can be recycled and re-used and is one of the plastic alternatives available.

The board can printed, painted, laminated, cut, folded and curved.

Kingfisher Press & The Environment

It’s always difficult to find plastic alternatives, sometimes it’s the only thing that has the right characteristics and cost. There are more and more alternatives coming on to the market giving a wider choice.

At Kingfisher Press Ltd we always try to find options that are as environmentally friendly as possible. It’s not always easy and it should be the norm that we choose green options, but it’s not always that simple.

Kingfisher Press is FSC certified, ISO14001 accredited and a Carbon Balanced Printer. This demonstrates our commitment to the environment. Check out our webpage here.

If you would like to find out more about green alternatives or have a project you would like to ensue is as environmentally friendly as possible then please give us a call.