GDPR – An opportunity for Personalised Print

20th February 2018 by Kingfisher Press

GDPR – An opportunity for Personalised Print

Personalised Print via the Mail

We have been looking at our data recently with regard GDPR and getting a plan together to ensure we are compliant with the new regulations with regard to email marketing and how we manage our data.

Email marketing is just one area that the new GDPR regulations will cover but while looking into GDPR I thought what a good opportunity this could be for marketing teams and printers. Of course it is yet another hoop that small businesses have to jump through to stay compliant and penalty free. But, for printers, it seems like a good opportunity to promote print.


A recent survey by Two Sides has highlighted that a high percentage of people prefer to read print. I had to download and print the survey key findings to read it myself – it seems easier that way to take in the information!

Interestingly 59% of people surveyed in the UK do not trust many of the ads they see online and 63% do their best to block or avoid them.  So will an offer be taken more seriously if we print and mail something to a prospective buyer?

Printed Campaigns

Based on the fact people take a mailer more seriously, should we be looking to produce more direct mail and more targeted postal campaigns?

Using personal data is again an area of the GDPR rules that we need to get right. Data has to be protected at all times. But a personalised postal campaign to someone maybe one of the best ways to reach new markets.

Jetpress 720s Personalised Print

Personalised Print.  As long as you comply with the rules on keeping personal data you are allowed to write to people under the new GDPR legislation.

Our Jetpress 720s can personalise letters, brochures, cards and booklets easily. It can personalise one page or every page. It can personalise text or images, depending on what you want to say, where you want to say it and how many times! Its fast, high definition digital print quality is second to none!

Read the Mercedes Case Study here by PrintPower documenting their success with a Direct Mail Marketing initiative or check out Print Power’s 7 Reasons to use Direct Mail here.


We have been in the process of producing a new postal mailer ourselves showcasing our Jetpress 720s. You can’t show the quality of high definition print in an email, it has to be a visual and sensory experience! You wont believe it until you’ve seen it!

We will be boosting our specialist services, such as personalised high quality digital print, using a variety of on-line and direct mail advertising.  Email isn’t something we really use as a regular sales tool. Our Data Protection officer we will be getting our data and policy in order. All our data, including clients data, will be handled and stored in a secure compliant manner.

If you are thinking about sending a direct mail campaign then give us a call. Our Jetpress 720s is ready to print your personalised direct mail campaign for you. Find out more about the Jetpress 720s here.

The ICO has a small business help line regarding GDPR – find out more here.