Perforated Tear Strip Opening Envelope

13th November 2019 by Kingfisher Press

Perforated Tear Strip Opening Envelope

Perforated Tear Strip Opening Envelope

We’ve just completed a job here at Kingfisher which features a printed tear open envelope as part of a multi-print project.

The envelope is designed to hold a calendar with the idea that the receiver can open the envelope quickly and easily. With a space left on the printed envelope design to display the name and address of the recipient this is a great way to send off those 2020 calendars to clients and prospects.

Printed on 350gsm magno silk, the envelope is then die-cut to shape. As well as the shape of the envelope making it a bespoke size. The die also incorporates the perforated tear strip of the envelope. The envelope is made up with a peel & seal closure, and the perforated tear strip to open.

At Kingfisher we produce a wide range of printed envelopes in all shapes and sizes. Why not have your envelopes printed with your company logo to keep corporate consistency throughout your stationery range.

Kingfisher Press & Die-Cutting

Having in-house die-making means we can make and test any printing die quickly and easily. We can manage quality and consistency and with a wide range of equipment we can make up a sample die to ensure we get it right.

It’s a tricky business sometimes. It doesn’t always work out right but because we can try before we commit to investing in a machine die we can sample the finished product.

It means we can offer a wide range of cartons, sleeves, folders, envelopes, vouchers, cards and more, all which may require a printing die so the flat sheet can be cut to shape. Often cartons and boxes require a die depending on how they are sealed. Crash-lock, self-locking, over-lap or zip tear can all require a cutter. It’s much easier to think about design when you can see the finished product made up. To find out more about Kingfisher Press check out our website here.

If you have a design you are unsure about and would like to take advantage of our in-house design and prototype service then please drop us a line or give us a call.