Paper Samples – what do you need?

17th October 2017 by Kingfisher Press

Paper Samples – what do you need?

We love paper samples! We have an office full of them!!

Paper samples come in all shapes and sizes. Some have little perforated edges so we can tear off and send to clients. Some are printed and some plain.

We have paper samples from all the leading paper suppliers plus the small specialist companies who provide us with the high end premium papers.

If you ever need a sample then please let us know – we can provide you with a selection of choices to make sure you choose the right finish and weight of paper stock to suit your project.

With such a wide range its sometimes difficult to know just what you want. There’s gloss, matt or coated in a wide range of weights. All our stocks are FSC accredited and we have a range of Carbon Balanced and recycled stocks. Then theres the range of specialist materials such as Polyart, Magnecote and Synapps.

If you aren’t sure what you need or what finish would suit your particular project then ask us. We know what’s good for images, what makes your print stand out or what’s economical on mid-long print runs. We will be able to advise on what you need to consider if you are printing a stitched or folded booklet, what needs creasing or laminating. With over 20 years experience of print we know what’s best to get the results you want!

If you just tell us what you want your print to do and we will advise on what you need.

See what our clients say:

The team at Kingfisher Press really have done excellent work for me and have been extremely helpful with every step of the printing process.’
Ashe Ericksson, Author & Illustrator

With excellent customer service, their team worked with us to deliver a quality product with the right design features. We’re thrilled with the results and they are a commercial success.
A Gift from the Gods

The quality of the Chateez cards print is fantastic on the Synaps OM. The help and advice given to choose the right material was also brilliant and made the whole experience of manufacturing the product very easy.
Natasha, Director at Silver Lined Horizons

If you need a sample then give us a call on 01284 748210. We will post samples out to you so you can get the feel for the paper stock and get the right paper for your project.