Mohawk White Vellum & Aeroplanes

19th April 2022 by Kingfisher Press

Mohawk White Vellum & Aeroplanes

Log Book printed on Mohawk Recycled Stock

This log book is a beautiful example of high quality print. The Pilot Logbook and Flight Notes booklet has been produced by Aircraft Restoration Company for their Flight Experiences pack and the logbook lists the statistics of a range of aeroplanes including the spitfire and hurricane, both of which you can book a flight in.

Printed on our litho press, with initial proofs printed on our digital Jetpress to establish images and material, this logbook is an exceptional memento of what must be an exhilarating flight experience.

The logbook cover is printed on Colour Plan Imperial Blue. The stock for the internal pages, which is Mohawk White Vellum, was specifically chosen because it is the perfect uncoated paper to lift images and as well as being a recycled stock, it ensures the owner feels the nostalgia associated with the content.

Mohawk White Vellum

For the tactility of an uncoated stock with the print performance of a coated paper, Mohawk Options is the answer. This superb premium 100% recycled grade white paper uses Inxwell, a treatment developed by Mohawk that is applied to the paper during the ‘wet state’ of the manufacturing process to give an outstanding degree of ink density and superbly sharp detail. Mohawk White Vellum has an exceptionally high opacity. It is an FSC certified paper with tremendous versatility, giving outstanding results on both offset and digital presses.

Blocked and Bound

The cover is foil blocked in white with the booklet PUR bound. There are several binding options but PUR binding ensures that no matter how many times the booklet is leafed through the pages will always stay in place.

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