Made in Suffolk Bespoke Pottery Postcards

4th December 2019 by Kingfisher Press

Made in Suffolk Bespoke Pottery Postcards

Postcards to promote hand crafted pottery – made in Suffolk

We love working with local business and we have been delighted to print these charming postcards for Floreat Pottery based in Suffolk.

Printed on 350gsm edixion offset, which is a popular for its smooth finish and tactile feel, the card has a lovely natural feel and is perfect to showcase the beautiful pottery made by Clare. Designed like a big business card its perfect to have at markets and exhibitions or to leave with local retailers.

To find out more about Floreat Pottery and the unique stoneware ceramics Clare can provide please visit the Floreat Pottery facebook page here

The Jetpress and High Definition Print

Our Jetpress 720s is very well suited to short run colour print projects. It can print on a sheet size up to B2 making it an economical option if you want to print for an event or exhibition or maybe a special offer product.

Its attention to detail is second to none and it can print on all kinds of materials suitable for leaflets, letters, postcards, catalogues and cartons. It can print short run colour projects for a wide range of marketing collateral and is King of personalisation.

The Jetpress 720s can personalise images, letters or wording to one page or multiple pages. Whether is letters to members, direct mailing or short run personalised postcards it can do it all no problem!

To find out more about the Jetpress and High Definition digital print check out the Kingfisher Press website here or drop us a line if you would like samples of Jetpress Print.