Litho and Digital Printing! What you need to know!

26th October 2015 by Kingfisher Press

As technology advances throughout the years the possibilities on printing presses, styles and formats change! At Kingfisher Press we constantly keep our technology modern whilst maintaining the right formats that clients know and love time and time again. Litho print is well known and one of the oldest forms of printing and began in 1796!


It’s been well trusted and has advanced since then and is the perfect choice for long to medium runs.

Whereas the digital print which came to light in 1993 has progressed dramatically to become the quickest short run printer! When choosing your print, it’s completely up to you! We can cater many options and depending on your run we can advise with our expertise on the correct print for your specifications. Digital is by no means the alternative, it is a fast, innovative option and cost effective for the right print.

Lithography prints create high-quality prints and in our Heidelberg Speedmasters the prints offer multicolour prints and incorporate aqueous seal units for very quick turnaround on work.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your print needs no matter what the job is!