Doors, Wallpaper, Glass,Tiles, Posters – Large Format Print from Kingfisher Press Ltd

11th September 2013 by Kingfisher Press

Our new Jetrix is in !

Kingfisher XL are now able to offer a full range of wide format print.

With the Mimaki’s ability to print 1.3m wide and anything up to 50 meters long we can print massive banners. It has an in -line cutter – we can produce colour die cut stickers to your specifications.

The Jetrix can print on anything less than 100mm thick – including doors, table tops, tiles, floor tiles, canvas, water, bill board posters, exhibition stands, promotional items such as wooden tags, cd’s, glass – infact almost anything as long as its reasonably flat to get good coverage and has the right surface to take the ink.

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