London 2012 – Deliveries & Disruption – Are you ready?

30th May 2012 by Kingfisher Press

London 2012 Disruptions – Are you ready?

These are very exciting times for the sporting world and London in particular. We are all eagerly awaiting the start of this years fabulous London 2012, we are also conscious of the fact that while some of us will be lucky enough to join the thousands of visitors and spectators at the Games, others will be hard at work keeping the cogs turning.

The London 2012 website provides a wide range of information regarding travel, transport and how to prepare your business for the London 2012 games.

We deliver throughout the UK, using couriers and our own delivery van. As you can imagine – road closures, restrictions and heavy traffic congestion can be a logistical nightmare and result in late deliveries.

With this in mind we thought we would drop all our customers an email just to say please give this a thought when speaking with your customers and planning delivery dates and addresses in the Olympic period (26th July – 13th September).

Our couriers has provided guidance on delivery disruption, please email us if you would like a copy or click here. While we will make every effort, as usual, to meet deadlines we would ask you to please consider:

  • Is there any opportunity to delivery before the opening ceremony or after the closing ceremony and still meet your deadline?
  • Could we consider out of hours deliveries – very early in the morning or later in the evening?
  • Could we deliver to an address that is not as affected by the games, ie outer city areas?

The London 2012 website gives guidance on travel and business throughout the games. It’s worth a look even if you just want to see how the 24bn plus is being spent!! There is also a document available to help you consider all manner of issues relating to business from staffing to security, transport, emergency services – it may be worth a quick read.

We really want to work with all our clients to ensure that the London 2012 is an event to remember – for the right reasons!