Kingfisher Press Ltd to become a Carbon Balanced Publication Printer

4th September 2012 by Kingfisher Press

Kingfisher is in the process of becoming a Carbon Balanced Publication Printer and we are now working along with Robert Horne to achieve this accreditation.

What is Carbon Balancing Offsetting:
Carbon offsetting is a process whereby an individual or company takes action to prevent the release of emissions elsewhere, or secures the absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide, of an amount that matches or exceeds their own unavoidable emissions.
Source: World Land Trust 2012

The process involves recording our fossil fuels, transport fuels and purchased electricity to complete an online calculator in order to evaluate our carbon use. We will then submit the information to the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management who will calculate an offset cost to balance our emissions along with the World Land Trust. This will enable us to offer clients the opportunity to use the Carbon Balanced Publication logo on a selection of projects provided they fulfil the carbon criteria, including use of Carbon Balanced Paper.

The MD says: “Working alongside the World Land Trust we already promote Carbon Balanced Papers but we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to our green policy and take it one step further.  Paper is only one small element of what we do and becoming a Carbon Balanced Publication Printer means we recognised all elements of the industry as being of paramount importance to the environment.”

If you are interested in further information on Carbon Balanced Papers please contact us. If, as a business, you are interested in becoming Carbon Balanced, please click here to visit the World Land Trust Business Page.